TalonRO - Impossible is Nothing

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In order to register an account to use ingame, you will need a forum account first. This forum account contains all your ingame accounts. Please follow the next steps and you will be able to play in no time! If you are an existing or returning player, please read this wiki article to attach your current ingame accounts to your forum account.

1. Creating a Forum Account

Before you can create an ingame account, you will need an global account to attach them to. This is called your Forum Account. This way, you can have all your ingame accounts under one roof, making it a lot easier to manage your game accounts. You may only create ONE forum account. Register a Forum Account

2. Creating Ingame Accounts

After registering and activating your Forum Account, you should generally be automatically logged in. If you are not logged in automatically, please log in using this form.

Once you are logged in, you can create an account you can use for the game (or multiple). Please ensure that you use a strong and secure password for your ingame accounts. You can change this password at any time. Newly created accounts will automatically be attached to your forum account. Creating Ingame Accounts

You can add up to 10 game accounts. To view all your game accounts, you can go to the Game Account Management page.

3. Download the game

If you have successfully created an ingame account, you can now download and enjoy the game! If you have any problems, please send in a Support Ticket.