TalonRO - Impossible is Nothing

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Server Features

Official Server Features

Server Features
  • Pre-Renewal
  • Episode 13.3 El Dicastes
  • Fully-working Dewata and El Dicastes quests
  • Port Malaya, including quests and Instances
  • Buwaya Cave, Nidhoggur, Endless Tower, Sealed Shrine and Orc Memory Instances
  • Bibilan Dungeon level 6
  • Nightmare Scaraba Dungeon
  • Poring War
  • Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest
  • Much more!

Custom Server Features

Reward System

  • Unique Reward System
  • Monster of the Week
  • Minigame of the Week
  • Map of the Week
  • GM Challenge
  • Poring Catch
  • Poring Rally
  • Haunted House
  • TalonRO Lottery
Server Features

Guilds and PvP

  • WoE:SE, Non-Trans, Regular and Vanilla WoE
  • No Emperium required to create a guild
  • 5% Bonus EXP for members of guilds that hold a WoE Castle
  • Guilds can hold 116 members
  • Guild Storage to share items and gears
  • 40 Guild Title positions
  • PvP Hub with access to all PvP-related content
  • Weekly Voting of PvP maps
  • Duels on most fields and dungeons


  • More than 180 hairstyles and hundreds of dyes
  • Headgear Previewer
  • Orphanage
  • Custom Pets
  • Rental Costumes


  • Hunting Board with rewards to get Rental Items
  • Resting System
  • Increased party share limit. 15 instead of 10 levels difference minimum
  • 10% Bonus EXP for fighting monsters within 10 levels of the player
  • 8% Bonus EXP for each partymember (not idle)
  • Boosted Homunculi (25% demi-human resist, HP and DEX boost)
Server Features

Quests & NPCs

  • Wave Challenge
  • Custom super quest and balanced custom items
  • Certain quests have been made account-bound: Rachel Sanctuary, Nameless Island, Moscovia and Kiel
  • Hundreds of custom quests with their own storylines
  • Custom NPCs (eg. Hairstyler, Warp NPC, Skill/Stats Reset, Job Changer)
  • Custom Storyline
  • Card Exchanger